74 Crosstown South

Someone had made a video of the 1997 era Winnipeg Transit roll-sign.

I noticed that there was a route displayed that has not yet been used.

Back then Winnipeg Transit created some new routes, based on using portions the Inner Ring Road/Suburban Beltway Expressway. This was indeed one of the Scenarios and/or Recommendations of the 1968 Winnipeg Area Transportation Study (W.A.T.S.) published by the Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Transit currently uses 3 of the 4 "Crosstown" routes. These are:

75 Crosstown East
77 Crosstown North
78 Crosstown West

Missing from this list, and the one that was on the 1997 rollersign was...

74 Crosstown South

If 74 Crosstown South were to be implemented it would travel between St. Vital Centre Transit Terminal and the new Outlet Collection Winnipeg mall in Tuxedo.

Currently a resident of St. Vital must travel back to Main St. - Assiniboine Ave. and then transfer to a 65 Grant Express or 66 Grant to arrive at Outlet Collection. Introducing route 74 would reduce that to two buses.

The other Suburban Beltway route, the 75 Crosstown East, provides fast service between the Univ. of Manitoba in Fort Garry, St. Vital Centre and Kildonan Place in Transcona via Bishop Grandin Blvd. (Metro Route 165) and Lagimodiere Blvd. (Metro Route 20).

However, it is not convenient to those who want a closer entrance (less walking) to St. Vital Centre because this route does not currently use the St. Vital Centre Transit Terminal. So therefore, the stop for the 75 Crosstown East that exists on Bishop Grandin on the mall's north side should be relocated to the St. Vital Centre Transit Terminal


Lawn Car - What I Learned in 2017

First year of hiring GreenDrop lawn care....They did Core Aeration in the May.

They also did "overseeding" which was nice, but it didn't do anything really because while we did get some rain I was not allowed to use a sprinkler to add more water to the grass  Otherwise I'd have to pay for extra for
So now that I'm a bit wiser for it all... next years' plan is to

1) Agree to pay for watering the lawn after GreenDrop has "overseeded.

2) Mulched the leaves into the grass turf so that in 2018 Spring & Summer there will be less weeds. In 2017 got inundated with Clover and Dandelions on the North side of the property because I didn't Mulch the lawn last year.



CNN is DONE. End of story.


Killing Weeds

Having a problem with unwanted grass, thistle and other weeds growing on our driveways.

Internet says that I should use a mixture of:
  1. Vinegar
  2. Table Salt
  3. Dish Soap (doesn't matter what kind)
 Filled a spritzer bottle of this mixture today around 13h, and by 19h, especially for the Thistle (prickly) weeds...they're wilting and turning brown. Yay!

Doesn't work as well on other "broad-leaf" weeds. Haven't tested on Dandelions, but claims are that it kills them too.

NOTE: It is recommnded that if you want to "permanently" kill weeds in a section of property add Salt. If you are spraying in a section that has weeds that are surrounding a wanted plant then DO NOT USE SALT. For instance, do not use salt mixture near Grass(es)


Ctrl-Alt-Esc May Unfreeze X Window apps.

Using the key sequence Ctrl-Alt-Esc may Unfreeze X Window apps.

Most frequently it's Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that freeze, but others can too.

As long as the workstation doesn't reboot, this key combination is invaluable in saving tonnes of time.


Psychopaths and Sociopaths How to Detect Them Body Language Analysis

One of my sisters is a sociopath.

Last year (2015-16) I had a woman housemate who is a sociopath.

| have worked with people who are sociopaths.

My Grade 4 teacher is/was a sociopath.

I am not a sociopath. I can feel & express empathy.