Cat Dream of Smilles

I had yet another cat dream of my first cat Smiles.

This one is where I was telling women as I was walking down the back lane of Renfrew St., holding him on my right side and saying that Smiles was alive again, after he died "from eating bad cat food". (?)

He actually died after falling from the refrigerator and breaking his legs or whatever then taking him to the vet, who injected him with some sort of "death needle".

In the dream I was trying to count how many years I had Smiles...I added up 18 1/2...Yet he lived to 18 to his birthday March 2, 2009.

 One of the women wore a green dress. My Mom used to wear green dresses, but it was not her in the dream.

People were say how amazing it was that he lived. He somehow found ME.



One day I'm gonna die heartbroken...

Belcanto RCA Cartridge Demo Tape

I love the OLD (original) RCA.


Culligan Water Ad 2018 (feat. Mai Lan - Pumper)

An ad for Culligan Water that has been running since at least July 2018 on KARE 11 (NBC) and WCCO 4 (CBS) features family-friendly scenes.

The rest of the song is here, it's 3:50 long...

Mai Lan - Pumper


I'm baaaack!

I have begun putting back together my old website, uwto (Unofficial WInnipegTransit Online).
  • Purchased some disk space and a domain.
  • Purchased a .ca domain for the next 2 yrs.
  • Installed and am learning XML Mind as my primary HTML editor. This editor also does DocBook, so now I can import text entered a decade ago and export to "chunked" -- each chapter as separate page, as well as the usual PDF formats.
Last month (October 2018) the AC cord that connects to my laptop and provides power to the battery to recharge got frayed. But I didn't know it at the time. I thought it was the battery that had worn because of the "Critical Battery Error" messages I got from the BIOS.

Just prior to all of that happening, I discovered an even better XML editor than Jaxe. I found XML MInd, which is also freeware and includes HTML, DOCBOOK, DITA editors separately packaged in Java files.


SAXON 9he and 9ee

This weekend I discovered a freeware XML (DocBook, DITA, XHTML) editor. Doesn't cost a cent.

Other similar editors I've tried since 2002 require payment, and for me who just wants to fool around with DocBook and doesn't require 'enterprise' grade software, I can get by with something for FREE or little cost.

Enter Jaxe. This programme has a GUI and doesn't allow 'illegal' DocBook elements (context sensitive) to be added. Jaxe will validate XML code 'on the fly', so you don't have to wait until you press some sort of Validate button on the menu.

So I am aware that Jaxe uses the SAXON XSLT processor. I checked the Wikipedia entry for it and it says there are 3 different versions of SAXON:
  1. 9he (Home Edition, Freeware)
  2. 9pe (Professional Edition, Commercial ware)
  3. 9ee (Enterprise Edition, Commercial ware)
This is one of the things that makes the Oxygen editor so expensive -- the license for SAXON 9ee.
 Jaxe uses '9he', which is FREE.


Save As... DocBook in LibreOffice Writer Broken

Writing DocBook style tags in LibreOffice Writer and then saving to DocBook outputs a very small file with 'Article' and DocBook 4.1.2 version. Nothing else is exported.

The answer is to install OpenOffice suite.

However, to do this, you need to first Uninstall LibreOffice suite and then Install the OpenOffice suite and then re-install LibreOffice.